Some Team Building Games That You Can Get Your Employees Involved In

Some Team Building Games That You Can Get Your Employees Involved In

Some Team Building Games That You Can Get Your Employees Involved In

5 March 2018
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If you have a group of employees that you would like to become closer as a team and have an easier time working with one another in stressful or hectic situations, you will want to get them involved in some team building games. Here are some of the types of team building games you can get them involved in:

Escape Room

This will require taking your employees on a field trip of sorts, as this is a team building game that is produced by companies that specialize in this type of adventure. Basically, your employees will be separated into groups. Each group will go into a room, which they are then locked into. They have to search the room, find hints, follow directions, and make educated guesses in order to finally escape the room without panicking. This will require everyone in the room to work together in order to solve the puzzle so that they can be released.

Scavenger Hunt

This can be done in the office or somewhere else, like inside the local mall. Break the employees into small groups and give each person a piece of paper and a pen. On the paper will be a list of things that they have to find or do. Some of the things could be finding a purple pen, taking a selfie with a stranger, getting the phone number of someone of the opposite sex, or finding change on the floor. The team the completes the scavenger hunt first whens.

Human Knot

Break everyone up into small groups and then each group should form a circle so that they are facing one another. One at a time, have each person within the circle reach one hand out to a co-worker and grab one of their hands. Then, with their other hand, they need to reach out and grab the hand of a different co-worker. Everyone will do this until everyone is holding hands and then, within a certain amount of time, everyone needs to work together to untangle themselves, but they need to do this without letting go of their hands. At first, you might want to give them extra time. Each time they play this game, you can slightly reduce the amount of time that they have to become untangled in order to improve their team skills.

With those games, and others that you come across, you should be able to help your employees learn to work together a lot easier.

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